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Includes a one-year IPAC membership.

$305 for non-member. Includes a one-year IPAC membership.



$305 for non-member. Includes a one-year IPAC membership.


New Professionals

$329 for non-member. Includes a one-year IPAC membership.


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Q: When does registration open?

     A: Registration is open now! See pricing options above.

Q: When does registration close?

     A: Registration will close on August 20, 2021 at 11:59pm Eastern.

Q: Is substitution of participants permissible? I.e. Can participants transfer their registration to someone else?

     A: For questions about registration transfers, please contact Erin Bellwood at

Q: Are group rates available?

     A: For all questions about group registration, please contact Erin Bellwood at

Q: Will registration be discounted to reflect an online-only experience?

     A: The cost of registration as listed is based on an online-only experience.

Q: Is registration for this conference refundable?

     A: No. Registration for the conference, both for groups and individuals is non-refundable.



Q: Do participants need to register for each specific event, or just once, for the whole conference?

     A: Participants will only need to register once to attend the whole conference. Participants may customize their conference schedule on the Chime Live site.


Q: Where will participants find the conference schedule?

     A: The full conference schedule is available on our Program page.


Q: What social events are included with registration?

     A: We are working on a number of events to liven up the conference and to break up the monotony of Zoom! Please check back soon.



Q: Which web browser is required to participate in online events?

     A: Any web browser—excluding Internet Explorer—will be suitable to access and participate in online events. Some events may be blocked by devices or networks managed by organizations. We strongly encourage participants to access the conference on their personal devices.


Q: What online event platforms will be used?

     A: The conference will be hosted on Zoom and Chime Live, an engagement platform by Encore Global.


Q: Will the online events be recorded and saved for participants to view?

     A: Yes. All non-social events will be recorded and saved for participants to view at a later time.


Q: Will participants need to have a webcam and/or microphone for optional participation in online events?

     A: Webcams and microphones will not be needed.


Q: Will there be vendors at this conference?

     A: Our conference would not be possible without the generous financial support of our sponsors and exhibitors. Participants will be able to interact with sponsors and exhibitors at virtual booths on the Chime Live site.



Q: Will there be photos and/or video recordings during the conference events?

     A: Yes.

Q: Will participants need to give consent for recording in order to attend online events?

     A: All content will be recorded and made available for viewing after the event. Participants may keep their cameras and microphones off during events.


Q: Will online events be recorded for future use?

     A:  Yes. Only recordings of the speakers and moderators will be used.


Q: Will participant information be shared with sponsors?

     A: Participant titles and email addresses may be shared with sponsors. Opt-out will be available by contacting Erin Bellwood at


Q: Will participants need to share their geographical locations? (i.e. With event organizers, event platforms or with other participants)

     A: Participants are encouraged but not required to do so.



Q: What guiding principles are being followed to plan for this conference?

     A: IPAC National Capital Region, the regional group hosting this conference, seeks to connect all jurisdictions across government, practitioners, academia, and the private sector, and provide a neutral space for the exchange of ideas related to public administration. The guiding principles are to:

     (a) Advance the evolution of public administration;

     (b) Maintain a sustainable organizational model;

     (c) Reflect the diversity of the National Capital Region community;

     (d) Serve our members; and

     (e) Uphold the values of inclusiveness, openness, transparency, collaboration, and accessibility

IPAC National Capital Region recognizes that its primary operations are situated on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg peoples. IPAC National Capital Region acknowledges the ancestral and unceded territory of all First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, from coast to coast to coast, that call this land home.


Q: Will potential triggers be identified in each presentation?

     A: Our organizing team is working diligently to proactively identify any sessions with subjects that may trigger trauma, and, where appropriate, to advise participants ahead of time. Our commitment to you is that each session will be safe and inclusive.


Q: How are the events of this conference accessible?

     A: Please check back soon. We are deliberating the best way to ensure that each event is accessible and inclusive as we continue to organize this conference.


Q: Will events be accessible for participants with hearing impairment?

     A: For most sessions, closed captioning will be provided by Wordly in both official languages.


Q: How many languages will the events be presented in?

     A: Real-time translation and closed captioning will be provided by Wordly in both French and English.


Q: Will participants need a second device to access interpretation?

     A: Participants will only need one device to access the conference and all included accessibility features.



Q: Where do the proceeds from the annual National Conference go?

     A: Net proceeds from the annual National Conference will be shared between the IPAC headquarters and IPAC National Capital Region, in support of IPAC's work to advance the study and evolution of public administration practice in Canada. In particular, IPAC National Capital Region uses the conference proceeds to run monthly events, and to offer these to its members as well as the general public at a low cost.

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